I’m Jenn Duff, a hustling, crunchy-esque mama of two beautiful little angels of my own, and three more beautiful angels from my ready-made family. That’s a total of five miniature humans right there, for whom I try to create the best life possible. I’ll just put it out there that sometimes I succeed at this goal, and sometimes I fail miserably. And that right there is just the real deal.

Jennifer Duff




More About Me.

I’m a big fan of real things, and real people. I’ll choose real any day over fake, natural over synthetic. OK OK, I will confess; the grass in my backyard is fake, but ONLY because its a bajillion degrees six to eight months of the year where I live, and who wants to look at brown grass?? Please, I digress.


I love picking weeds as much as I love a big cabernet sauvignon or a morning coffee in silence. The picking weeds part is not a joke by the way. 


I am my own boss, and have big dreams to create a force where women and girls are empowered to be their authentic selves, and have the confidence to achieve the life they dream of. I believe that being real, authentic, and kind is what REAL beauty is all about. I am a mother, a partner, an author, a blogger, a cleaner-living junkie, a boss, and I am unapologetically, authentically me.   



xx Jenn 

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