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Need A Good Laugh Today??

Life is crazy. Busy, stressful, fun, messy, heavy, and happy all at once. As a result we like to keep things light around here as much as possible. So, I keep a running note of all the funny conversations that happen in my life, and then I read them back when I need a little cheer. So here’s a little sample list of funny conversations that happen on the daily in my life that make me laugh, and I hope they shed some light and laughs on your day too!

You're welcome in advance lol, and don't forget to check back for updates that make the Funny List ;)

1. You know you are in for a very bizarre conversation when it starts with: “Do you know what’s nice about socks?”

No reply, obviously. Is there any way to reply to this??

2. “So, I accidentally booked us a weekend in Napa” (He wasn’t kidding)

3. Me: How was golf today?

Him: It was great. (Laughing) Poor J though. He was hitting all kinds of houses out there.

Me: Oh, like he was in the weeds? Didn’t do too well? What does “houses” stand for in golf?

Him: No, like he literally hit 5 homes.

Come on people, that's freaking hilarious.

4. Sharing a glass of wine and commiseration with my sister in law over the phone after getting our small humans to bed:

Her: Wow that lottery you guys have down there is insane! (It was $1.6 billion at the time) You’ll have to go get me a ticket, I’ll give you the money.

Me: Right. It’s insane. Like honestly, $1.6 billion?!?! Sheesh.

Her: I know. Honestly, if you won that, you could literally give each person in the United States like a million dollars!

Me: Silence

Me: Ummm, close T, but not quite.

Her: No, seriously! It’s something like that!

Me: Ya, um I think it’s closer to $4 per person

At which point we proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes trying to find an online calculator that had enough zeros to calculate the billions. Literally dying laughing at the absurdity of what we were doing and that our poor brains were so fried, that even doing simple math was a problem.

5. Sitting at a stop light in California with our car full of our 5 small children. I look over, to see a biker beside me. I look closer at his helmet, and try not to spit out my coffee. In big white bold font, it read “EAT A DICK”. I sat there dying on the inside, and feeling thankful that 4 of our kids can’t quite read yet. Then I hear this “Ew! I would NEVER eat that!” And I look back to see our 8 year old girl’s grimaced face looking in horror at said helmet.

Allllrighty then.

6. 5 Year old: “Duutttttccchhh Brothers, Yayyyyyy!!!” (He literally loves coffee)

8 Year old: “I want Five Guys!!”

4 Year old: “I want Ten Guys”

Us: Dyyyying laughing

xx Jenn

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